Monday, September 24, 2012

Tar Sands in Language and Images

Some more Tar Sands / Oil sands learning materials from  Davidson / Gismondi collaboration

See our chapter on power and discourses in the oil sands from Samuelson and Antony, Power and Resistance in Canada. "Ecology, Climate Change and the Politics of Sustainability: The Case of the Alberta Tar Sands." Debra Davidson & Mike Gismondi

Power and Resistance
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Check out the Special Issue on Petrocultures -   Sighting Oil

Lots of great articles here dealing with imagining the global oil culture, including our more historical appreciation of the Alberta tar sands:

By Mike Gismondi and Debra J. Davidson


And finally, a Utube video where we talk about historical Images of Tar Sands
Visualizing the Tar Sands

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