Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Frackomics and Al Appelton
My friend Chris suggested this speaker and I found his talk.
There is practical sense to his analysis that we need more of to brace our often time
theoretical paper exercises.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Canada's Natural Security: Chris Wood and Tyee Solutions

Just devoured a great read.

A 25 year analysis of Canada's record on water, land and air, as well as species, ecosystems, and climate change from the Tyee Solutions Society researchers and writers.

The Report asked "a deceptively simple question: Cutting through all partisan rhetoric, how well has Canada cared for its environment, really? "

The Tyee Solutions Society explains how and why our grades have fallen from A's to F's over the last quarter century.


Don't have time to read the whole report, visit the opinion piece in the Toronto Star by one of the reports lead authors Chris Wood.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

State of the Art Review on Interdisciplinarity

I have always liked Newell's take on the field. He offers some small criticism of the Repko approach here. As we use Repko in our MAIS program at Athabasca, it is worth reading for this corrective.
Newell on The State of the Field Interdisciplinary Theory.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Oil and Culture In Alberta

A New Book and a New Thesis

On Fracking
Alexia Lane
A Manifesto booklet
from  Rocky Mountain Books
Some good information.


Framing Alberta's Bitumen Extraction Onscreen


A new doctoral thesis from George Takach examining films about the tar sands / oil sands with an emphasis on works produced from 2005 onwards. Takach examines how they frame the issues and argues:

"unconventional oil seems to have overtaken cowboys and Rocky Mountains as the primary symbol of the province in the global public's imagination."

Find the thesis here at:



See below for the list of the films that George analyzed using a media frame analysis.

Appendix E: Films and Videos Studied
The following list of films and videos includes URLs linking to capsule summaries of each production, except for two cases where the producer is the Government of Alberta
and for which no official links are available.

Pay Dirt
(Palmer 2005)
www.worldcat.org/title/pay-dirt - making-the-unconventional-conventional/oclc/797128543?referer=br&ht=edition

Tar Sands: The Selling of Alberta(Radford 2008)

(Iwerks 2008)

(Mettler 2009)

(S. Walsh 2009)

An Open Door
(Alberta 2009)

Land of Oil and Water: Aboriginal Voices on Life in the Oil Sands and Overburden(McArthur and Cariou 2010)

Dirty Oil
(Iwerks 2010)

Canada’s Oil Sands: Come See for Yourself
(Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers - CAPP 2010)
www.capp.ca/canadaIndustry/oilSands/Dialogue- Resources/oil-sands-videos/Pages/Oil-Sands-Tour.aspx

Alberta: Tell It Like It Is
About the Oil Sands
(Alberta 2010)

Tipping Point
(Radford & Thompson 2011)

White Water, Black Gold
(Lavallee 2011)

Pipe Dreams
(Iwerks 2011)

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Local Capital

The first part of this 2012 paper discusses the ‘financing gap’ and dominant trends in the international world of finance and how local capital can be regarded as somewhat of an alternative to these trends. The second part analyzes how local capital not only mobilizes local investment dollars, but also other community resources to foster growth and development. The report explores some of the mechanisms for raising local capital using debt and equity to finance community owned businesses and presents some successful examples. The last section of the paper introduces several financing mechanisms that could be used by rural communities in Alberta to raise local capital.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2149/3207